A Cold Weather Checklist for Compressed Air Systems

Winter is not kind to compressed air systems. Ice, snow and cold temperatures can all cause serious performance and efficiency problems for your equipment if steps are not taken to protect it ahead of time. Every year, we see slow starting compressors, freezing lines, sensor malfunctions and equipment failures that could have been avoided if the system had been properly winterized. We’ve created the following checklist to help you protect your investment now—before cold weather issues impact your productivity.

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Air Compressor Setup and Installation Guide

air compressor setup tools

Once you’ve selected a quality air compressor for your business, it’s important to make sure the equipment is installed properly. Where’s the right place for it? What other equipment do you need to keep the compressor running at its best? Considering this air compressor installation guide before your machine arrives can help your air compressor perform efficiently and last as long as possible.

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