Preparing Compressed Air Systems for Colder Weather

freezing pipes, preparing compressed air systems for cold weatherWith colder weather coming soon, compressed air systems that are subject to lower temperatures may deal with slow starting, possible control line freeze problems, and condensate lines freezing.  To help prevent some of these problems, heat lamps can be installed close to the lines to prevent freezing. Also, applying heat tracing to control and condensate lines will help.  However, keep in mind that anything installed on the lines themselves might have to be removed when the equipment is being serviced.  Here are a few quick tips:

  • Check insulated areas and make sure the heat is staying inside and the cold is staying outside.
  • Also check any weather stripping and replace areas that are worn out and not working properly.
  • Check condensate drains throughout your system for proper operation. Excess water in your lines and freezing temperatures are not a good mix.
  • Check your air intake openings to ensure they are adequately protected from increased rain and snow.

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Written by: Keith Seawell, Service Manager – Greensboro branch.  Keith has been with Lewis Systems over 30 years.