ENMET Gas Detection

For over 50 years, ENMET has been providing quality gas detection equipment. They specialize  in medical air, environmental and industrial health and safety monitoring instruments. 

Gas Detection Equipment

Our partnership with ENMET allows us to provide customers with their full line of compressed airline monitoring and filtration systems. This gas detection equipment is used for supplied breathing, respiratory air, process air, and hospital compressed airlines. Both the continuous in-line carbon monoxide CO monitors and the three-stage respiratory airline filtration panels meet OSHA 1910.134 compressed breathing air monitoring requirements. The advanced compressed airline monitors for respiratory air, in-line process air, or medical air systems can monitor up to four of the following gases in real-time:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon dioxide
  • VOCs
  • Trace hydrocarbons
  • Dew point and
  • Several other hazardous gases

Dew Point Monitoring in Medical Air Systems

From COVID-19 wards to neonatal units, hospitals must be diligent in monitoring the dew point in their medical air systems. If the dew point in a medical compressed air system is not continuously monitored and adequate steps are not taken to remove water, microorganisms can grow, having serious health implications for patients.