Quantima Oil Free

Quantima Oil Free compressorsWe are extremely excited to introduce a truly revolutionary new line of oil-free compressors. The Quantima line-up of two-stage, water-cooled, oil-free variable speed compressors is fundamentally different from any other oil-free technology on the market. These uniquely innovative compressors offer unmatched efficiencies and incredible reliability with an absolute minimal environmental impact, resulting in the lowest cost of ownership in any class.


What gives Quantima such a major breakthrough in compressor technology is the innovative, patented Q-drive centrifugal compression assembly. The Q-drive has just one moving part and operates with the rotor spinning in a magnetic field at up to 60,000 rpm.

Q-drive is special for what it doesn’t have:

  • No gearbox
  • No oil
  • No contact
  • No wear



You know that energy is by far the biggest cost associated with your compressed air system. Quantima air compressors can deliver significant power savings in your compressed air generation. It’s easy to see how this innovative compressor is set to revolutionize energy savings and efficiencies.

  • Outstanding efficiency due to no gearbox and no contact parts
  • Lower off-load power consumption – just 2.5% of full load power equal to 7kW for a 300kW compressor
  • Variable speed technology matches output to requirement minimizing off-load running
  • Sophisticated compressor controls to maximize flexibility and provide additional power savings



quantima-greenTHE ENVIRONMENT

Quantima air compressors save on power, which means lower carbon loading. Less physical resources are used to build and maintain Quantima and they don’t use a drop of oil anywhere in the compressor, so there is no oil or oil-laden parts to dispose of.

  • When it comes to delivering an environmentally friendly air compressor solution, Quantima leads the way with energy savings, waste savings and reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Lower carbon emissions through lower energy use
  • Lowest physical resources in manufacture and maintenance
  • Lowest physical foot print and 40-50% of the size and weight of an equivalent machine
  • Lowest noise levels of just 69 dB(A)
  • Potential CO2 reduction of 1,920 tons in 10 years * – offsetting the total emissions from 75 family cars or equal to planting 16,000 trees. **

* European Commison EuP EcoReport Version 3a – comparison to 300 kw oil free screw compressor
** www.smmtco2.co.uk The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders Ltd www.unep.org United Nations Environment Program